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· 5 Tips for Preparing for a Cardiac Stress Test. Skip a meal. Your goal is to have an empty stomach, so don’t eat before you have a stress test. Know which pills to take. A stress test is designed to evaluate your heart during exertion, and some medications slow down the heart rate too much. Pass on the caffeine.


I recently took a treadmill stress test and nuclear stress test. Basically, the conclusions are that I have: 1) moderate size inferior ischemia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) ECG is positive for ischemia at a good workload. No chest pains, no arrhythmia.

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· NPO 3: Stay away from caffeine – As you are participating in the stress test, avoiding caffeine is highly advisable. You should keep away for as long as 24 hours before stepping onto the treadmill for the stress test. Caffeine content increases the heartbeat and blood pressure.

Why Do You Have to be NPO for a Stress Test?

· If you have knowledge about what a nuclear stress test is, then the answer to this is “NO.” stress test requires the patient to walk or run on a treadmill, eating is not the option before the nuclear stress test. The nuclear stress test is an activity that measures the flow of blood to the heart.

Can You Eat or Drink Before a Nuclear Stress Test?

· As a prerequisite, you cannot eat or drink before the stress test. The simple reason is that consuming food will activate the digestive system, which acts as interference to the stress test. Furthermore, when the digestive system gets activated, the body focuses on releasing enzymes and acids necessary for breaking down the food particles.

Can You Eat or Drink before a Stress Test?

· ASNC: Caffeine Screens Before Stress Tests Often Miss Positives. SAN DIEGO, Sept. 12 — Routine screening by questionnaire for caffeine intake before pharmacologic cardiac stress testing fails to …

ASNC: Caffeine Screens Before Stress Tests Often Miss …

egg1. I have been instructed not to consume caffeine 24 hours prior to my cardiolite stress test, and to fast the morning of the test. I understand that caffeine affects the heart, and so will avoid caffeine even though it means a headache. It is very difficult for me to fast. Although I am healthy, I am used to eating something every 2-3 hours …

Why no food before cardiolite stress test …

Hi Ketonians, tomorrow I have a cardiac stress test. I have never done one and wanted some advice. They say I must fast for 12+ hours and no coffee or anything else – just water. I usually have coffee every morning. If I don’t, I get headaches. The test is 1:45PM so I will have gone a long time without caffeine.

Cardiac Stress Test (Treadmill Heart Monitoring) while on …

Treadmill stress tests are a way to gauge fitness. A stress test is a clinical standard often used to detect coronary artery disease. Traditionally, this test is performed on the treadmill. Modern advances in technology allow physicians to administer it without making the patient do any physical work, via chemical means.

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