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· If you experience a slipping sensation when walking or running on your treadmill, it may be in need of minor treadmill adjustment. Most likely, the belt simply needs to be re-aligned and tightened. This is an easy thing to do – check your user’s guide for instructions but just be careful not to over-tighen. To check if the belt is too tight …

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If you loosen it too much, there are chances of slipping and falling from the treadmill. When you check the motor belt, again making sure the treadmill is unplugged, you should be able to turn the belt to an almost 90-degree angle using your hand from its normal position. If you cannot do as suggested, then loosen the belt as it is too tight.


· Problem #3: Belt Slipping in Treadmill. Another common treadmill problem is that belt of the machine slips. Excess treadmill belt lubrication may cause the belt to slip. This may also occur when the belt is very tight. For an ideal workout, the belt may not be tight or loose. In order to avoid this problem, you should lift the belt from the …

Common Treadmill Problems and Their Solutions

· What causes a treadmill to jerk? If your treadmill is plagued by a jerking or slipping motion, you likely have either too much loose tread or your running belt is not properly centered. When either of these things occur, the belt will feel choppy and unbalanced. Both issues can be fixed with a quick and easy process.

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Slipping on treadmill solution? Because of snow-covered sidewalks, I’ve been hitting the treadmill more often than not lately. This is a problem because, for some reason, my current shoes (Brooks Beast) slip on the treadmill belt.

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Treadmill slipping when cold. I have a treadmill (Pro-Form 760 EKG) that slips when it first starts, but if I let it run for 5 minutes or so it works fine. I have completely disassembled the treadmill and thoroughly cleaned all components, tightened the drive belt, and adjusted the walking belt to the point where it does not slip when warmed up.

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Normally with a loud noise.To check, Take off your motor hood. Look at your front roller were the drive belt pulley is. Walk on your treadmill and when it slips look to see if the pulley. is slipping on the roller. From here you will also be able to see if the drive belt is slipping on the pulley.

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· My treadmill belt is slippery…..not slipping but slippery.. Had the belt replaced less than a week ago…..bought sneakers…..still slippery. It might be slippery when I first go on -than it is okay and than towards the end of my run, it is slippery again. I don’t get it

My treadmill belt is slippery………..not slipping but …

I applied the lubricant while my treadmill was folded up and onto the rollers that the treadmill spins on. I also applied it to the drive belt (which I read on this page that, that is bad). The only symptoms that my treadmill has had is it seems to be “sticking”. When I walk on it, it slows down or stops completely if the speed is low.

Why Lubricating Your Treadmill Belt (Properly!) Is Vital …

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