why is my treadmill making a knocking noise

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· The bearings on the rear roller of my Sole F85 treadmill started making scary knocking, chirping noises. They were obviously worn out after a couple thousand miles of running. My treadmill was still under warranty for parts, so I called Sole, and they sent me a new roller. In this video, I show you how to remove the old roller and install the …

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· Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Pro form treadmill model 745CS when I run with walking belt disconnected, everything sounds fine. My walking belt does not appear worn or frayed. It has something to do with the walking belt or perhaps the stress of the belt on the roller.

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Improper belt tracking may result in roller knocking. A knocking noise may indicate a defective roller, however, it is usually a result of the belt placing too much force on the roller from side to side. In this case, the knocking noise will be at a much slower rhythm than roller rotation.

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· Why is my treadmill making a knocking noise? Many factors can be causing your treadmill to produce a knocking noise. For instance, it may be resulting from a worn treadmill motor belt, loose roller pulley, or a fraying belt. However, the knocking sound may also be a result of a misaligned treadmill belt.

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Treadmill – Incline – Abnormal Noise While Inclining. This diagnostic is used for situations where the machine is making an abnormal noise and it occurs only when you are using the machine’s incline function. For any other abnormal noises, please see the “Abnormal Noise” diagnostic. Click “Next” to begin troubleshooting.

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this treadmill has been sitting around a few years but its been used less than 20 hours total. i started using it again recently and it started making this clicking noise. here is a video showing where the sound is coming from.

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Location, Location, Location. Where you set your treadmill up can make a huge difference on the noise level of your machine. While you might want to tuck your treadmill away in a corner, the two walls can create a megaphone effect, causing the noise from the treadmill motor to reverberate off of the walls and become amplified in the room.

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