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This is good for those of you selling a used treadmill or some other fitness equipment. This article sets out some ideas to help you sell your used treadmill (or any used fitness equipment). Think Locally. In most cases, used fitness equipment such as treadmills are sold locally. Shipping is costly and a barrier to purchasers.

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· 6 answers. I need to sell my barely used treadmill and I dont know how to go about doing it. I tried to put it on ebay but even if it doesnt sell I still have to pay fees and really dont want to shell out 10.00 or more to try to sell this being that it is going to have to be locally picked up! I paid $1300.00 for this nordic track and its only …

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· Donate the treadmill to a charity. Most charities will accept your used equipment, regardless of condition, and you may also be able to use the donation as a tax write-off. You can also donate the treadmill to a local school or community center. Sell the treadmill for scrap. Many scrap dealers will take your treadmill for parts and compensate you.

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I have 1 treadmill to sell,who buys used treadmills? Last Answer : how much you wnt for it? I am interested in buying one. What kind is it? hi i am in Chicago. I want 2 buy a 2nd hand treadmill. if u want to salethen tell me the price and condition of ur treadmill …

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Used treadmills being sold by a gym or club are likely to have been used roughly, while a treadmill offered by a middle-aged or elderly seller has probably been used sparsely. Avoid treadmills that have had multiple owners, as even if the machine looks in great condition and the last owners have not over used it, you can have no idea what …

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We will also take your old equipment in trade toward a new purchase. Text us what your selling to 401-203-5659. Please include product, description, image’s and your location. Big Fitness is located in Rhode Island. We only buy used equipment from RI, CT, Ma. Big Lots from NY and NJ, & …

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Cheap used treadmills and used Life Fitness treadmill models. Global Fitness sell used commercial treadmills for your home or gym and are ready to ship anywhere in the world. We offer free local delivery and low-cost financing.

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Cashing in your quality used treadmill, elliptical or home gym at your Rebound Fitness or one of partners is fast and easy. Take a picture of the exercise equipment you would like to trade/sell and send it along by email with the make and model for a free quote. Of course, what sells in one location may not be a hot item somewhere else.

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Buying a treadmill is an investment in health and fitness, and a good treadmill will last more than a few years. On top of that, the warranty will extend the life of your treadmill for another few years, as maintenance is key. Suppose you purchased a $500 treadmill and that it lasted you 10 years. That works out to only $50 per year.

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The power of the used treadmills for sale is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the faster the treadmill can run for a longer period of time. Consider a higher wattage if speed is your concern. Lower wattage treadmills will have less of a strain on your monthly energy bills. Here are the options available for wattage when you buy used …
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