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A treadmill is an investment and it’s often a start to your fitness journey. But where you put your treadmill will play a vital role in how often you use it and how much enjoyment you get out of your workout. You want to put your treadmill in a space that’s easily accessible, convenient, comfortable, and that will allow you to run effectively.

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Never expose your treadmill to rain or moisture. Should I put my treadmill in the basement? The basement is a popular option when choosing a place to put your treadmill. This location is less likely to disrupt activities which usually take place on the main level of the house.

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Depending on the square footage and layout of your home, there are several places you can put your treadmill that will be beneficial to your workout routine. If your the type of person who enjoys exercising by yourself, placing your electric treadmill in your bedroom or perhaps the basement may be a suggestion.

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Since a treadmill can weigh from 150 to 400 pounds, it is a good idea to opt for the inside delivery, even if it does cost you extra. The weight and bulkiness of getting a treadmill into the house, not to mention up or down a set of stairs, is the single biggest challenge of this purchase.

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· If one showed up in my house I’d have to hire someone to make it disappear. That was my most hated instrument of torture after the bypass surgery. The one in the cardiologist’s office that was used for the stress test even had a sign on …

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Possible Solutions To Upstairs Treadmill Problems: Solution #1; Before you set up a treadmill on an upper floor of your house, it’s a good idea to test the way sound carries in the building. You can do this by standing on your tiptoes upstairs, and dropping your heels to the floor. Have a friend on the floor below listen.

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Owning a treadmill is a great benefit to those who want to get fit or lose weight in their own home. However, you know where you would put it but you want to know if it will damage your floor or the ceiling below if it’s on an upper floor. We answer that here including if it will cause structural damage to your home.

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· Try to put your treadmill in an open space with ample ceiling height. Some options include the basement, spare bedroom, or office. For comfort and safety, allot 6 feet (1.83 m) of space behind the machine and 2 feet (0.61 m) on both sides.

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Hi–We live in both levels of a very sturdy duplex, built in 1929. The house is finished in plaster, which I think may be relevant to the discussion. My husband, who weighs around 220, would like to put a treadmill (Landice L7, top of the line) in our second floor great room. It will sit in a solid …

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If you have a garage gym you are likely to put your treadmill in garage. Ideally, there is nothing wrong with putting your treadmill in the garage. However, you need to make sure that the garage is finished and the temperature is regulated. Since treadmills are made from steel and have tiny moving parts, they have to protect from dust, humidity, and moisture.
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