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Goodwill used to take treadmill donations. However, according to their most recent list of donations they can and cannot accept, Goodwill does not accept treadmills. A perk of donating your used treadmill to a charity or a thrift store is that it’s tax deductible.

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Local donation shelters may very well take the treadmill, granted that the equipment is still in working order. You can also ask around to see if anybody is interested in acquiring the machine. If all else fails, you can consider selling the treadmill, second-hand treadmills can be quite popular due to the price tag of a newer model.


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· Donate your used exercise equipment to your local Big Brothers, Big Sisters office. Some locations do not take treadmills, however, so contact your local agency and ask whether you can donate a treadmill. Locate the nearest office by visiting the “Find a Local Agency” page on the Big Brothers, Big Sisters website.

Can you donate exercise equipment to Goodwill?

Recommendations for Treadmill Removal/Donation in NYC? Hi all, Need some help figuring out what to do with an old treadmill that is still in working condition. I had it professionally assembled when I got it and have been able to disassemble it myself but it’s almost 300lbs and there’s no way even both me and my partner together are able to get …

Where can I sell or donate my old treadmill in Bangalore …

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Recommendations for Treadmill Removal/Donation in NYC …

This factor is measured in horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). In fact, the latter is the more useful of the two as it tells us how much power the treadmill can maintain continuously, not just at its maximum range. To give you an idea, the vast majority of treadmills for home use are between 2.25 and 4.25 CHP.

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