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· If you find your belt slipping, or your deck slowing down and stop, or if the edges of your treadmill belt look worn, frayed or curls up, then you may need to have your treadmill belt replaced. Luckily, replacing the belt isn’t as hard as you’d think. The very first thing you’re going to want to do is take a look at your treadmill deck.

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Replacing the belt for treadmill. – Lay the new belt and deck together. Slide the belt over the deck and align. – Install the rollers and fasten the deck to the frame properly and securely. – The next step is to fasten the belt and deck together with the screws. You may need to adjust the deck to get the screws in.

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· Replacement. Remove the treadmill belt and set it aside. Place the new belt on the rear roller of the machine and secure the belt with several bolts. Tighten the belt bolts. Now you can replace the screws on the deck. Put the treadmill on the deck. Run or walk on it while it is in the “on” position.

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· Pull the belt to the rear of the treadmill and slide the rear roller through it. Start the adjusting screws in the roller just enough so they do not fall out. Now slide the front roller inside the belt and replace the drive motor belt over the drive gear. Do this before you tighten the roller.

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· Step #3. Find where the seam of the belt is and check for any wear and tear on the top of the belt seam. If there are any frayed edges, replace immediately as a loose seam can be very dangerous and injure someone using the treadmill. To inspect, run your hand on the inside of the belt and feel for any signs of damage or rough edges.

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How to Replace a Treadmill Belt. When the belt arrives begin with unplugging the treadmill at the power source. When this is completed you will then need to locate and remove the motor hood. When the hood is completely removed, locate the screws that adjust the belt tension. (Generally on the rear or sides of the back of treadmill).

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Treadmill Doctor find that the reason for the problem, 85% of the time, is that the deck and/or the belt are worn. This is in their repair staff’s experience. They say that the second cause (8% of the time) could be the walking belt and/or motor are too tight.

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· A replacement treadmill belt. Plenty of patience. Look for the owner’s manual that came with your machine. The booklet should contain instructions on how to change the belt. If you don’t have the manual, you’ll have to search for your specific model number online or call the manufacturer and ask them to email you the instructions.

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In such cases, it’s better to replace the belt altogether. You must also seek guidance from a treadmill technician who can better inspect the issue and find the right solution for it. Do New Treadmills Require Belt Adjustment? Treadmills vary from model to model, and generally, new treadmills don’t require a belt adjustment.

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