NordicTrack’s Commercial 2950 is a highly versatile treadmill

New 2021 Commercial 2950 Treadmill | NordicTrack

NordicTrack’s Commercial 2950 treadmill is one of the most comprehensive devices I’ve tested, with everything from automatic incline control, Bluetooth connectivity, Google Maps integration, and personalized workout statistics. But my favorite part is its access to iFit’s vast library of interactive workouts.

With iFit, you can run virtually anywhere, but always from the comfort of your home. The service’s roster of trainers offers a wide range of types of runs that aren’t just confined to a studio or their home. Instead, you can run in real-world locations that offer a breath of fresh air from the usual treadmill routine. I found this to be a welcome departure from the tedium of normal running.

In addition to these workouts, the rest of the 2950 is first rate. The aforementioned automatic resistance adjustment feature is a game-changer and, as the name implies, allows trainers to have complete control over the treadmill’s incline, decline and speed while you run – you just have to worry about running.

One downside: the iFit interface can sometimes be a bit cumbersome and slow to use, and the service sometimes crashed in the middle of a workout . This didn’t happen often enough to be a concern, and it didn’t hurt my overall experience.

What keeps the 2950 from taking the top spot in this guide is its price, which is about double that of the ProForm Pro 2000. Still, it’s well worth the investment for those who want access to a huge library of interactive classes and a premium treadmill.

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