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Good treadmills measure 6.5’ long, 3’ wide, and 5’ tall. You’ll definitely have plenty of room for your treadmill if there is little to nothing else in your garage. Make sure to leave at least 2’ on each side of the treadmill. If you have a garage that is on the smaller side, you’ll need to back out your car and position the treadmill.

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While some treadmill covers are designed to be used outside, you should note that even the best cover won’t protect your treadmill from cold or humidity. If these are issues, you may need to consider options like insulation or a cooling system for your garage. Before moving the treadmill into the garage, clean the area thoroughly.

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Keeping the climate in control can prevent it from damaging your treadmill. To keep the garage warm, you can insulate the garage walls. How to Keep a Treadmill Clean in the Garage? If you keep your treadmill inside a garage, it is necessary to keep your garage clean. Excessive accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris can get into the grooves of …

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· If you do own a treadmill and want to protect your child from being injured by it, you should: Carefully read the treadmill’s safety manual to know how to safely operate it and turn it off in an emergency. Move the treadmill to a room or garage where the child cannot access it.

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A treadmill works at optimal temperatures and a garage or outside is usually too cold especially in the winter. Keep your treadmill outside or in a garage if you must, but know that it will affect its performance and lifespan. Summary. There are advantages to using a treadmill and if you use one outside you get the benefits of outdoor exercise too.

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Do any of you keep your treadmill in the garage? If so, have you had any problems due to cold weather? I placed mine out there recently to save space in in the house. I have read that it is not good to have a treadmill in a cold location and it can get cold out there in the winter.

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· However, before setting up the treadmill in the garage, there are several issues that you should take into account. Temperature Issues. Before you place your treadmill in the garage, you should understand that this type of exercise equipment is generally not set up to function in cold weather conditions.. The track is often the part to become compromised first.

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Step 1. Set a treadmill mat in a sheltered spot that is protected from the sun, and place your treadmill on top of it. Direct sunlight can damage the computer processor in your treadmill by causing it to overheat, so you need a spot that is fairly shady. Setting the treadmill on a mat helps control static electricity, as well as making it …

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How to Stop Your Treadmill From Triggering a Circuit. GFCI outlets are more often found in garages and outdoor areas, whereas AFCI outlets are found in living rooms and bedrooms. Try relocating your treadmill to a separate power outlet to prevent it from triggering a circuit.

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Our garage does suffer from damp, but we do have a few items stored there, as no room in the house. We have simply bought a ground sheet./ plastic cover to put over them when not in use – stops the cold / damp getting to them too much. The bonus of having a treadmill in the garage, is that you wont hear the noise in the house.
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