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· The best way to loosen the belt. Disconnect the power cable and take the safety key. Use a 6 mm hex key, by releasing the idler roller bolt 12 turns counter-clockwise. Make sure both sides are loosening at the same time. Operate the treadmill for five min at 16 km/hr after plugging in the charging cable and inserting the safety key.

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· Then after unhooking the latch put treadmill on the ground. Take The Roller Out. After you have removed the rail, adjust roller to loose the tension in the belt untill you are able to lift up the roller. Remove the roller screws and fasten the board on the latch again. Access The Belt. Open the corner screws holding the right of walking board …

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How to lubricate the belt. Turn off the treadmill and unplug the power cord. You need to loosen the belt in order to apply/squirt lubricant between the deck and belt. Hopefully you’ve kept the manual of your treadmill because this will show you exactly what to do to loosen the belt of your particular make of treadmill.

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· Turn off the treadmill and unplug it from the wall. Find the belt adjustment bolt at the base of your treadmill. The bolt will typically be located towards the rear of the treadmill deck. To find the exact location for your particular treadmill model, refer to your owner’s manual. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the belt if the alignment is off.

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· Therefore, it’s very important for a treadmill owner to know how to fix treadmill belt tear, how to adjust the slipping belt or how to replace the belt for a new one. How To Fix Treadmill Belt Tear Without Replacing It. Sometimes it can happen that the treadmill belt is torn. The belt becomes opened, and some hazards appear.

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· Professional type treadmill belts should be centered and tightened accurately with a view to work correctly. an off middle treadmill belt could grow to be broken throughout use. if the belt is just too tight, the treadmill will decelerate and run inefficiently; too unfastened, and the treadmill belt will slip, inflicting a security difficulty.

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· Tightening and Loosening. Remove the safety key from the treadmill and unplug the power cord. Insert the Allen wrench in the left roller bolt and turn it one-quarter of an inch to the left, and repeat the process on the right roller bolt if the belt is too tight. You must loosen both bolts or the belt will come off center.

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· Adjust treadmill belt alignment Make sure that its walking belt is always centered on the treadmill frame. The technique you run on the treadmill and the non-flat surface of the floor is the 2 possible reasons for the misalignment of the treadmill.To adjust the belt of your treadmill, you will need an Allen wrench.

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· The treadmill belt should center itself on its own when the treadmill is not being used. The left side bolt should be adjusted only if you need to align the treadmill belt from one side to the other. Can you adjust an automatic belt tensioner? Cars that have an automatic belt tensioner don’t need to be adjusted. The process of adjusting drive …

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Step 1. Lower the end of the treadmill’s walking deck to the lowest incline setting. Step onto the walking belt and hold onto the handrails. Push off on the walking belt and begin running on the treadmill. Continue until the walking belt gains momentum, then dismount the treadmill and stand at the rear of the walking deck.
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