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How do you calculate maximum METs? –

Treadmill protocol Exercise capacity is reported in terms of estimated metabolic equivalents of task (METs). The MET unit reflects the resting volume oxygen consumption per minute (VO 2 ) for a 70-kg, 40-year-old man, with 1 MET equivalent to 3.5 mL/min/kg of body weight.

Layman’s Guide to METs – Johnson Fitness and Wellness

· MET values will vary with combinations of change in speed and elevation on a treadmill or speed and resistance on a bike or elliptical. You can also use METS to determine if your workout on an exercise bike today is as efficient as it was yesterday on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

How do you calculate METs per minute?

The formula to use is: METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kilograms) / 200 = calories burned per minute. For example, say you weigh 160 pounds (approximately 73 kg) and you play singles tennis, which has a MET value of 8. The formula would work as follows: 8 x 3.5 x 73 / 200 = 10.2 calories per minute.


· The Bruce protocol METs calculator allows you to interpret the results of the Bruce protocol stress test. Also known as the exercise tolerance test, it is used to estimate endurance athletes’ overall fitness or to detect weak heart conditions. By gradually increasing the intensity of the physical activity, a person’s maximum METs is measured.

Bruce Protocol METs Calculator

· Duke Treadmill Score is one of the tools for predicting the risk of ischemia or infarction in the heart muscle. The calculation is done based on the information obtained from an exercise test by this formula: [exercise duration by Bruce protocol] – [ 5 × (maximal ST elevation or depression)] – [4 × (treadmill angina index)]

How do I read my treadmill results? –

· So if your heart rate reaches 162 while you’re running on the treadmill, you hit 85 percent of your MPHR.) Then, he’ll use this simple formula to calculate your FIT Treadmill Score: [percentage of MPHR] + [12 x METs] – [4 x your age] + [43 if you’re a women]. You’re aiming for a score that’s greater than 100, which means you have a 98 percent …

MET Levels of Common Recreational Activities

· The treadmill calorie calculator not only calculates calories burned from treadmill sessions but it’s also useful for most types of activities. So, you’ll type in your weight in lbs or kg followed by your activity duration and then select from the activities list (or perform a search) to determine overall calories burned.

New Treadmill Test Measures Life Expectancy & Heart Health …


Treadmill Calorie Calculator – Fitness Volt

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