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· Properly Lubricating your treadmill belt is the number one maintenance item that everyone should do on a regular basis. It will not only keep your treadmill running in peak condition but will also extend the life of your equipment and prevent the need for other repairs. However, if you have neglected to lubricate and maintain your treadmill you may notice …

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· Halfway between the end of the treadmill and motor cover, shove the garment under the belt until you can grasp it on both sides of the belt. Drag the garment the length of the entire belt 1-2 times. Remove the garment. Once clean, use the following procedure to apply the lubricant: Ensure that your machine is off, and unplugged to minimize risk …

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Insert the lube tube as near to the center of the buckle as possible. When applying lubricant from the middle to the edge, apply some pressure all along the belt. In this step, you’ll use approximately 1/2 ounce of lube. Repeat these steps for the other side of the belt as well. Turn the electricity back on.

How to Lubricate a Treadmill in 8 steps: The Easy Guide

If your treadmill/lubricant requires loosening the belt, after you loosen the belt, but before you apply the lubricant, be sure to wipe the deck under the belt with a dry cloth – this helps remove tiny particles of dirt that would otherwise soak the newly applied lubricant. Again, if unsure, read the treadmill’s and lubricant’s manual!

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· The lubricant in the lubricant ensures that the moving parts of the treadmill stay in good working order, and it also protects them from damage. The amount of lubricant required will depend on the type of treadmill (i.e. motor/chain driven, belt drive) and what type of belt it has (i.e. If you’re unsure, then it’s worth asking the manufacturer.

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· Using a towel, wipe away any extra lubrication. Apply rubbing alcohol to your cleaning rag or sponge for the finest results. This will absorb any excess lubricant more effectively. Step 4 : Repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite side of the belt. Step 5 : Lower the treadmill belt and fasten the treadmill screws again.

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Lubricating your treadmill belt every six months or 150 miles can keep vital treadmill parts — including the deck, belt, motor and motor controller — from prematurely wearing out. It can also help your treadmill run more quietly and reduce friction between the belt and the treadmill deck.

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Treadmill lubricant reduces friction between the tread belt and the motor, significantly extending track life. Treadmill lubricant helps prepare the machine for storage. Without it, the belt could become brittle and break the machine is restarted.

Lubricating the Running Belt

· Apply the treadmill belt lubricant by Squirting or spraying it from the center of the deck outward. Do the same lube squirting on the other side of the treadmill; make sure the whole width of the treadmill belt is covered with lube; Raise the treadmill belt, and tighten the screws if they were loosened; Power on your cardio home running machine.

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