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Some people don’t like working out on a treadmill because of the pressure it puts on their joints. The LifeSpan TR3000i attempts to alleviate this pressure by using a shock absorption system in the treadmill deck.

It has a 20 x 56 inch running surface, 15 incline levels and a 6 inch LCD screen that displays time, calories, distance traveled, steps, heart rate, speed and incline. The platform’s eight shock-absorbing elements ensure that it remains both stable and comfortable for running.

As with the other models, a long-term test would be a better indicator of the effectiveness of the cushioning, but it’s easy to notice the difference between the TR3000i and the others. If you have foot, knee or joint problems, you should at least consider this model when shopping.

Beyond its shock-absorbing capabilities, the TR3000i has a number of fun features that will give you variety in your workouts, including a tablet holder, USB charging port and iPod compatibility. It also has built-in speakers, folds up for easy storage, and the physical buttons on the console are sometimes easier to use to make adjustments than relying solely on the touch screen.

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